Where is Jesus?

(I think I found him.)
by Sam Carman

When visitors come to our church, I often wonder about their expectations. Are they UUs from another area? Are they religiously liberal and just looking for a place where they feel comfortable? Are they traditional Christians who are unfamiliar with UUs and happened upon us by accident?

For the latter group, I can only imagine what is going through their minds as they experience our service. If I were in their shoes, I would be asking myself, “Where is Jesus? I came to church this morning and have never even heard his name mentioned.”

I’ve been thinking a lot about this after listening to several recent sermons. (By the way, sermon recordings can be accessed through UUCC’s website. If you haven’t been attending recently, we’ve had some great sermons!) I think about the words from Family Promise’s Julie Randall who called upon our compassion for the homeless; I think about the words of Terry Waggoner who spoke of love that is anchored in self-worth and respect for one-another; I think about the words of IU law professor Sheila Kennedy who talked about America’s “original sin” of racism and our responsibilities as people of good will; I think about the words of international humanitarian Patrick Pierce who spoke of human rights and the call for justice that stretches across both borders and generations.

I’m not Christian, nor was Jesus–at least not by today’s definition; but I value the lessons he taught. Compassion…love…respect…good will…human rights…justice. The name of Jesus isn’t spoken much in our church, but I think he goes by many other names.

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