Volunteer Opportunity

Do you have a welcoming presence? 

Are you interested in volunteering but would like to start with something that does not involve a huge commitment?

Be a greeter! This is an especially nice thing for new attendees to be involved in because it helps in getting to know the community.

What do greeters do?

    1. Arrive 15 minutes early, by 9:45, on your greeting day. Currently the rotation is about 1x per month.
    2. Check with the worship associate re: who the bell ringer will be and who will be collecting food during the collection. (If they have not identified anyone assist by asking for a volunteer(s) to do each job.
    3. Stand by an entrance.
    4. Pass out orders of service and greet people.
    5. Give blue cards to new attendees. (Make a point to tell them about the kid packs in the overflow room if they come with little ones.)
    6. Pass around the plate during the offering and then bring it up to the front to the worship associate at the end of the offering song.

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