The Eastern Traditions

A new meditation Program is being offered by member Brad Uebinger.

When: This class will be Sundays after church June 11th, 18th and 25th, take off the 4th of July weekend, and then come back for July 9th and 16th.

Format: I picture each session being one hour and fifteen to one hour and thirty minutes long. Basically, I plan to wrap up each week with my material by 1:15, but will be happy to entertain questions and discuss people’s experience for another several minutes. This would be unstructured though. I would encourage people to wear loose clothing. Although we won’t do any movements strenuous enough that you couldn’t do them wearing just about anything, we will do some gentle yoga movements and these would still be more comfortable if you wore something less restraining than jeans. I would like to cap the group at 10 participants. If there is more interest in that, I will just run the program again at a later date.

Cost structure: I plan to charge $40 for the entire series, which is less than $10 per session and is accessible to almost everybody. However, I would also strongly encourage everybody to make a small, voluntary donation to the Zendo (recommended donation of $5, for example) for the last session, which would be a “field trip” to the Zendo, so that they can experience a regular session at a Zendo, as well as a few things to wrap-up the entire program. But it will be very experiential and participatory.

Contact Brad for more information.

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