Reflections On Aging: Pitfalls and Possibilities

We are all growing older every day. Many of our faith communities are graying and worried about a viable future. We live in a society that glorifies youth and negatively stereotypes older people. How do you feel about your own aging process? What experiences do you recall as milestones, sign posts, symbols of aging? How do you describe yourself on the age continuum? How are you managing with the balance of giving and receiving as you age? Maggie Kuhn was a 1960’s faith based advocate of “Gray Power” and convener of the Gray Panthers. She said, ”We are not ‘senior citizens’ or ‘golden agers’. We are the elders, the experienced ones; we are maturing, growing adults responsible for the survival of our society.” Sunday we can reflect on aging as we all grow a little older and wiser together.

Rev Worth Hartman is Chaplain at Westminster Village North. Music will be provided by Aly Ritter. Credo discussion will precede the service. Coffee and conversation will follow the service.

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