Report on Annual Meeting

A quorum of 27 members were present when Board President Pat Pollack called the meeting to order at approximately 11:30 a.m. Bylaws Change A involved changing the bylaws to allow five board members instead of six, because of the difficulty in finding members to serve on the board. The motion passed, with one member opposed. Bylaws Change B involved changing the bylaws to remove much of the detailed description of the Committee on Ministry activities, structure, and purpose. The changes had been suggested by Rev. Jenn Gray and approved by the Committee on Ministry. After much discussion about the necessity of these revisions, and the desire to table the matter, a motion was made to accept the revisions as changed. The count was 11 members voted to accept the revisions, and 12 members voted to reject these revisions. The motion failed. Bill Sutton moved to direct the Board to appoint a committee to evaluate changes to the Committee on Ministry section of the Bylaws to be presented and voted on during the next annual meeting. The motion passed.

Ballots to fill board terms to be vacated by April Lashbrook and John McCoy were distributed and collected.  Jim Ferrell and Amanda Brizendine were voted in to fill the 2017-2020 positions. The membership approved Jim Ferrell to be UUCC’s delegate to the 2017 General Assembly. Bill Sutton moved to allow the Board to appoint another delegate, should another person come forward and show interest in participating before General Assembly. The motion passed.

Jim Ferrell presented the Proposed 2017-2018 Budget, which was impacted by significantly lower than previous pledges and the resignation of the Minister. The membership discussed RE options, hiring of the Nursery Monitor, and hiring an Office Assistant. Jim Ferrell confirmed that the budget matched the version sent to the membership in the Annual Meeting packet. Bill Sutton moved to accept the budget, Sam Carman seconded, and the budget was approved.

Mike Hartley challenged the membership to think outside the box and asked the question of whether we wanted to keep the same structure that we’ve always had, or change things up, which might allow us to grow.
The meeting was adjourned at approximately 12:30 p.m.

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