A Life Blessed with MS

Holly Hartman talks to us about confronting multiple sclerosis with dignity and perseverance. Her story is about how she turned “tragedy into triumph, sorrow into success, and obstacle into opportunity.” Holly works as a behavioral health risk manager at Eskenazi Hospital, and she provides training on suicide prevention. Holly is also a published author of … Continued

A Happy Life or a Meaningful Life?

… What do We Really Want for Our Children? A congregational discussion about what we really hope for our children and their future lives. While all might agree that a purpose-driven life is important, those lives are not necessarily easy or happy. Mother Teresa was a good person, but would we wish our children to have … Continued

Earth Hath Swallowed All My Hopes

… Celebrating Lammas/ Lughnasadh and Coming to Terms with Our Place in Time. Lammas or Lughnasadh is a holiday unknown to many, but it offers lessons in celebrating life and the part we play in the lives of others as we age and grow. Music will be provided by Sam Carman. Our worship theme for the … Continued