Safe, Valued, and Loved

… 20 Years of Peacemaking in Central Indiana. Tim Nation, Executive Director and co-founder of Peace Learning Center, will share his thoughts and experiences building social emotional learning and restorative justice initiatives in schools and communities. Located in Eagle Creek Park, the center combines nature, challenge education, and personal development to help people develop peacemaking skills. … Continued

Tis the Season to Be

We are entering into a busy, multi-holiday season that can often be more stress than joy for us. Let’s take time to reflect on the many moods of celebration and maybe find some new ways to experience more of the joy and less of the stress. Rev Stone is a semi-retired UU minister who regularly … Continued

Thanksgiving Pitch-In

We will have an abbreviated service upstairs, followed by a pitch-in brunch to enjoy each others’ fellowship and be grateful for each other and our community. Visitors and guests are welcome.