Need Yarn for Critters

WHAT: Do you have yarn taking up space that you don’t need? I’d love to have it!

WHY: I crochet blankets for an organization called Comfort for Critters. Started ten years ago, the goal is to provide blanks to shelters and rescues who give a blanket to a dog, cat, rabbit, or guinea pig. The blanket stays with this pet during its stay at the shelter, then goes with it to its forever home when it is adopted. Over 49,000 blankets have been distributed over the past ten years.

I’d love to use your leftover yarn for this effort! Bring it to me on any Sunday morning, or I’ll leave a box marked “YARN for Marcia” in the overflow room. Thanks!

Marcia Denton

2 responses to “Need Yarn for Critters

    1. Victoria, thanks for the yarn. The address is UU Community Church, 95 N Jefferson St, Danville IN 46122. Mark it as “Yarn for Marcia”. – webadmin

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