Gray Areas: Reflections from the Minister

Our theme for this month is journeys. None of us could have known how appropriate this topic would be when we picked it over a year ago. We have been on a journey together over the last three years. And while our time together has nearly reached an end, I’m confident this community has an exciting path in its future. When I arrived we shared the ministry of this congregation; our ministry is the work we do together, everything this church creates in this world. When you installed me three years ago, you offered me responsibility for helping you do that work. I have done my best to hold it in love. Part of our time together this final month will include me returning that responsibility to your hands. I’m confident you can carry the work of this beloved community forward. You will continue to offer a home for progressive religious thought in Hendricks County. You will continue to love one another through joys and concerns. With those tools and that commitment to one another, you can do anything.

In Faith and Love,

Rev. Jenn

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