dessertThere are several groups that meet on a regular basis to connect on a more personal level than at coffee hour, Sunday service, or committee meetings:

  • Small Group Ministries — We have several small group ministries, each meeting every other week to discuss a specific topic in a social setting.
  • Keys, Strings, and Other Things — A concert series coordinated by our Sam Carman and the Music Committee featuring a mixture of local and traveling talented musicians presenting the audiences with music of diverse cultures, instruments, rhythms, and vocals.
  • Social Nights — Adults get together for social conversation, games, and unique dishes.
  • Game / Fun Days — A weekend afternoon for the UU kids and visitors to play a host of games and having fun together.
  • Yoga Classes
  • Summer Swim Party — We also offer an annual summer swim party at the Danville Pool. The date is usually the last Sunday the pool is open in August. It is always a night of fun, swimming, and fellowship. Families and singles enjoy getting together enjoy the water. There’s plenty of food and games. Even if you don’t want to get wet, just come to hang out and have fun.