Congregation News

Volunteer Opportunity

Do you have a welcoming presence?  Are you interested in volunteering but would like to start with something that does not involve a huge commitment? Be a greeter! This is an especially nice thing for new attendees to be involved in because it helps in getting to know the community. What do greeters do? Arrive … Continued

Nursery Care

The Nursery Care during Sunday Service motion passed by the Board on 10/9/17: “There will be no nursery care (children 6 and under) provided by anyone under the age of 18.  Nursery care can be provided during Sunday service by any adult member age 18 and older with a cleared background check on file.”

Board Notes

At the latest UUCCHC Board meeting in December: Tasha Ritter is now the acting board President and Amanda Brizendine is the Vice President. Pat Pollack’s official last day as our President was 12/11. The board has decided that with only four months until elections, we will not bring in an interim board member. January 14th … Continued

New Children’s Watercolor Book

Marti McCoy’s Sharing the Secrets of Watercolor class has created another book for children, using their delightful watercolor illustrations. The profits from this volume will go to Sheltering Wings , through the end of the year. For a simple $20 expenditure, that means you are sending a full $15 to Sheltering Wings for these cute … Continued

Notes from the Board

Pat Pollack will be resigning from the Board, effective December 12, 2017. The Board will appoint someone to fill the open director seat (Interim Director) who will serve from 1/1/18 through 6/30/18. The remainder of the term to 6/30/19 will be filled by congregational vote at the Annual Meeting. If you’re interested in serving as … Continued

Where is Jesus?

(I think I found him.) by Sam Carman When visitors come to our church, I often wonder about their expectations. Are they UUs from another area? Are they religiously liberal and just looking for a place where they feel comfortable? Are they traditional Christians who are unfamiliar with UUs and happened upon us by accident? … Continued

Don’t forget the Food Pantry

We are still collecting non-perishable foods for the local Shared Blessings Food Pantry in Danville every Sunday. Please bring a grocery bag with you to the service!!!

Need Yarn for Critters

WHAT: Do you have yarn taking up space that you don’t need? I’d love to have it! WHY: I crochet blankets for an organization called Comfort for Critters. Started ten years ago, the goal is to provide blanks to shelters and rescues who give a blanket to a dog, cat, rabbit, or guinea pig. The … Continued

Pulling Out of Lion’s Den

We have decided to step back from The Lion’s Den Community Lunch. St. Susanna’s Catholic Church has asked for more cooking opportunities. And after the last fifth Wednesday where there were only two people to prep, it became apparent that UUCC no longer has the resources to properly staff the program. Thank you to all … Continued

Thanks for Picnic Fun

We had a great turnout for the picnic/pool party! Thirty two adults and twenty one kids enjoyed the beautiful weather, great food, and all kinds of fun! From creek wading and lawn games to just catching up with friends, a good time was had by all! Thanks for helping us celebrate UUCC’s 20th anniversary! Pat … Continued