Reverend Jennifer Gray

Rev. Jennifer Gray

Jenn grew up in Topeka, Kansas; went to school in Boston, Massachusetts; and has done ministerial internships in Napa, California and Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She came to Unitarian Universalism as an adult, as a result of a sermon on racism the Topeka UU fellowship was having in 2006, and she found her spiritual home there.

She decided in 2008 to become a minister, and graduated from seminary in 2012. Before becoming a minister, she’s worked with developmentally-disabled persons, in domestic violence shelters, received suicide-prevention training, and taught English-as-a-second-language classes.

When asked what she considers to be a spiritual or meaningful sermon, she responded: “I like to remember that it is likely that someone in the church will be experiencing a really big joy and someone else is going to be feeling sorrow or grief. You need to keep that kind of range in mind when you design a sermon or service. You want something that appeals to both head and heart, and there needs to be some sort of takeaway. People want to hear about how the message relates to us as UUs; how we can use it in our lives; and that it affirms who we are.