peaceful_protestSeveral years ago, a retreat consultant from UU Heartland District suggested we enter a process to develop a Constancy of Purpose. We embarked on this process, but stumbled and regrouped at another retreat in January 2010.

At that retreat, we brainstormed what this mission and vision statement would include. We appointed a task force, who designed the process of creating the statement. This process included a survey of the congregation and one-on-one interviews with as many of the congregation members as possible. (We don’t have exact figures, but we remember this as being a very thorough and intensive process. All members had numerous opportunities for input.)

That information was given to the task force, who drafted the Constancy of Purpose. In July 2010, the board approved the statement and the congregation voted to approve in November 2010 at the annual meeting.

The Constancy of Purpose is well-known within our congregation and a poster with the full statement is present in our Fellowship Hall, where we have coffee hour. Every congregation member is aware of its content and knows the direction in which the church is heading because of this statement. We make all decisions within the framework and goals set forth in the Constancy of Purpose.